Ok, so I forgot my camera, so I’ll be brief (taste of pictures to come?). A nice group of Ph.D students here (2 American’s, 1 from Hongkong … all got their Master’s from schools in England) walked me around town and showed me what’s up. It’s a little town with a large market on … ok I forgot when, but I’ll figure it out. Oh ya, we went to a mexican food restaurant (I don’t know why) but it was really good. A lot better than in Charlottesville.

Things to know when traveling through Germany: 1) Beer is delicious; 2) Public Transportation strikes happen, but they’re nice enough to tell you ahead of time; 3) food is amazing; 4) not everyone speaks English; 5) everything closes at 8pm every night despite the fact that the law was changed recently; 6) everything is closed on Sunday.

Also, an interesting guy walking through town with a bike and 1 flat tire told me “das Polizie … no gute.” I have no idea why.

Ok going to sports bar now … later