Ok, so I have made it to 249 Kanji and hope to be at 323 by the end of the day … I wanted to impart something funny that I learned yesterday.

Sort of thing (so) (然)

Let us break it down piece by piece … This character is made of 3 different primitives.

Flesh (月)

Dog (犬)

Fire (火)

Ok ok, so how the heck are you supposed to remember something like this?! Just think of walking to a BBQ and saying, “mmm … what’s that smell? What sort of thing are you cooking?” Of course, I reply, “It’s that damn chihuahua that barks all the time. I put the dog’s meat on the fire … mmm … can’t wait!” The end.

Conceptually, this idea was derived from the book, Remembering the Kanji: Vol 1 by James Heisig.


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