I’m sorry that I’ve been awful at keeping up this blog. Considering the recent surge of traffic that I have been receiving I’m going to start collecting my many pictures and get to work over the next couple of weeks in order to update. In the mean time, I will provide you with a scene from Star Wars, the fowl-version.


To be honest, I just randomly found this picture on my computer and decided to post it up. I remember making this picture a long time ago in order to send to a beloved creationist I know. I think the humor was lost if I remember correctly. Also, luke skywalker was a tool … just sayin’.


Hi to everyone, I had a discussion with a serious creationist recently. It was interesting, and I wanted to put some of my findings and comments up for you to checkout if you are interested. This discussion was internet based so all quotes are exact … with some grammatical corrections. The original discussion can be found here beginning with the 14th post on this page. I’d love to hear any of your ideas on the links in this article and maybe we can discuss this some more. If this topic is too hot for you, feel free to leave it alone. There’s no harm in learning someone else’s opinions … sometimes …