Hey there everybody,

I know I haven’t put up a new post in a really long time, but I’m ready to get back at it. I have some ideas for new things to keep myself interested and you transfixed (boo!).

Here’s some ideas I have. If anybody returns and sees this before I start making updates, please leave me a comment and suggestions about features.

  • More “What is that!” Based on up-close, confusing pictures of absolutely nothing interesting
  • Meet Mini-Derek (no, not that you pervert!), the pocket-sized traveler
  • Pictures of my travels (that I was too busy to put up)
  • Frequent Japanese posts (with translation) to get my mind back in it. Should I add audio? Who knows.
  • And more …

Yes, I know none of that was listed in any sort of order … but that’s how my mind works. I hope it’s entertaining. I mean, I only do this so that I can remember what I did, after I become senile, so what are you doing here :-P.