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The Institute for Analytical Science (ISAS) in Dortmund is a government and state funded institute where scientists come to do research in hopes of acquiring a Ph.D —> without course work (seriously it’s true). This is ISAS Dortmund’s back side, so to speak.

ISAS Guest House

The cozy cottage that 5 international scientists (4 Ph.D students and 1 Undergraduate) supposedly live. I haven’t seen or heard any of them. This view is of the backside where you get the loveliest view of the house and a nice look into my window. Actually, my window is the completely closed one.

My first encounter with ISAS was when my advisor (Dr. Roland Hergenröder) took me to dinner after I hobbled off the airplane in a dazed and tired state. I thought it would be a good idea to not sleep on the planes. Dr. Hergenröder’s wife cooked a delicious pesto-pasta and cooked salmon while their 10 week old baby snoozed in the next room over. Conversation was fun, but it was the next set of dialogue that brought me back out of my daze:

Mrs. Hergenröder: So what do you think you’ll be doing on the weekends? You could take the train to Cologne, Berlin, oh and of course Düsseldorf is close.

Dr. Hergenröder: He’s not here for travel, he’s here to work!

He was just kidding, as I was reassured (maybe). Actually they are really nice people and this looks like it’s going to be a fun month away.