It’s finally here … I finally started a Japanese version of the site. It won’t be exactly the same, but it could be interesting. If you speak Japanese, please help me out by giving me advice and corrections on the new site! This is going to be interesting … To check out the new site, look at the sidebar under ‘Language.’ It’s currently only got an introduction … and a Mini-Derek picture you have yet to see!! Give me some feedback on what you think.

I said click on the link under Language in the sidebar!?



I feel today is just as good as any day to introduce you to Mini-Derek 「ミニ・デレック」 (Pronounced: Meenee-Dere…ku). If you have a better name to bestow upon him, please leave a comment. Feedback is always good. Soon he will show you all the lovely city of Charlottesville, VA as his first “destination.” So leave some feedback why don’t ya … (more…)