HELP! Save that "kinder" of kittens!! (Is that Dutch?!)

HELP! Save that "kinder" of kittens!! (Is that Dutch?!)

Have you ever been in a situation where a “pack” of dogs, a “gaggle” of geese, an “ambush” of tigers, a “mutation” of thrushes, a “mess” of iguanas, a “fry” of eels (mmm tasety), or something is chasing you, but you don’t know what to call them? (What do you mean, “you could have stopped earlier”?) I mean, if you need to call 911 (or 119 in Japan) for some reason, shouldn’t you be able to give the collective name of that ravenous “troop” of baboons, “clowder” of cats, or the “leash” (3) of snipes (yes, they ARE real)? I know I wouldn’t help if you couldn’t speak proper English (Just kidding I swear … ::whistle::)!

Ok, Ok, so it seems you need to study a little. You should really go here then!


Ok, so I forgot my camera, so I’ll be brief (taste of pictures to come?). A nice group of Ph.D students here (2 American’s, 1 from Hongkong … all got their Master’s from schools in England) walked me around town and showed me what’s up. It’s a little town with a large market on … ok I forgot when, but I’ll figure it out. Oh ya, we went to a mexican food restaurant (I don’t know why) but it was really good. A lot better than in Charlottesville.

Things to know when traveling through Germany: 1) Beer is delicious; 2) Public Transportation strikes happen, but they’re nice enough to tell you ahead of time; 3) food is amazing; 4) not everyone speaks English; 5) everything closes at 8pm every night despite the fact that the law was changed recently; 6) everything is closed on Sunday.

Also, an interesting guy walking through town with a bike and 1 flat tire told me “das Polizie … no gute.” I have no idea why.

Ok going to sports bar now … later