I feel today is just as good as any day to introduce you to Mini-Derek 「ミニ・デレック」 (Pronounced: Meenee-Dere…ku). If you have a better name to bestow upon him, please leave a comment. Feedback is always good. Soon he will show you all the lovely city of Charlottesville, VA as his first “destination.” So leave some feedback why don’t ya … (more…)


Ok so there’s not a whole lot going on in this wide spread town of 500,000 on a Tuesday …. but who say’s you can’t just wander around and hope to see something right? Well here’s what I found within 10 minutes of the Institute:

Tree - Mercedes

Yep, there are tree’s in case you were wondering. In fact, this is in a huge beatiful-ish looking courtyard in between two separate stadiums whose purpose is completely unknown. This courtyard was destroyed by the winter, so if I come back, I’m seek this one out to get a better look. I do, however, love how the darkness magnifies my shaky-hand-syndrome to the point of making this tree look pasted onto the picture. One of the stadiums is the next picture:

U - Stadium

EDITED: I’m a moron and thought this was a stadium, it’s actually a large facility for the subway … doh!
So that’s all I got so far. I would have gotten to downtown, but it started to snow.